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PIPs, or Pactus Improvement Proposals, define standards and guidelines to improve the Pactus project. PIPs are designed to be a transparent and collaborative way to propose and discuss changes to the Pactus network.

The primary goal of a PIP is to encourage the development team to write down ideas before implementation and invite the community to contribute more efficiently. It also helps to brainstorm, review, and discuss changes and potential issues before they can impact the production environment.


To get started, please review PIP-1. Next, clone the repository and create your own PIP using the provided template. Once your PIP is ready, submit a Pull Request to the Pactus PIPs repository.


No Title Category Author
26 Minimum Availability Score Core B00f (@b00f)
22 Agent Node Defination Network Nagaraj (@ragnarok87)
20 Basic Authentication for gRPC APIs Interface Javad Rajabzadeh (@Ja7ad)
19 Availability Score for Validators Core B00f (@b00f)
18 Clock Offset Calculation Network Mr. HoDL (@Mr-HoDL58)
B00f (@b00f )
15 In-Memory Cache for Stored Items Core B00f (@b00f)
14 Client Agent Standard Network Javad Rajabzadeh [ja7ad@live.com]
13 Import Private Keys - Amir Babazadeh (@amirvalhalla)
11 Deterministic key hierarchy for BLS12-381 curve - B00f (@b00f)
9 Removing Stamp Core Amir Babazadeh (@amirvalhalla)
8 Defining address type based on the address usage Core Kayhan Alizadeh [kehiiiiya@gmail.com]
B00f (@b00f )
7 Checking Timestamp Difference in Handshaking Network Kayhan Alizadeh [kehiiiiya@gmail.com]
4 Indexing Public Keys Core Kayhan Alizadeh [kehiiiiya@gmail.com]
3 Removing sequence field from transactions Core B00f (@b00f)
2 Lock Time Transactions Core B00f (@b00f)