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Pactus Improvement Proposals (PIPs) describe standards for the Pactus platform, including core protocol specifications, client APIs, and contract standards. Network upgrades are discussed separately in the Pactus Project repository.


First review PIP-1. Then clone the repository and add your PIP to it. There is a template PIP here. Then submit a Pull Request to Pactus's PIPs repository.


1 PIP Purpose and Guidelines Javad Rajabzadeh <ja7ad@live.com>


2 Lock Time Transactions Mostafa Sedaghat Joo (@b00f)
3 Removing sequence field from transactions Mostafa Sedaghat Joo (@b00f)
4 Indexing Public Keys Kayhan Alizadeh <kehiiiiya@gmail.com>
7 Checking Timestamp Difference in Handshaking Kayhan Alizadeh <kehiiiiya@gmail.com>
8 Defining address type based on the address usage Kayhan Alizadeh <kehiiiiya@gmail.com>, Mostafa Sedaghat Joo (@b00f )
9 Removing Stamp Amir Babazadeh (@amirvalhalla)
13 Import Private Keys Amir Babazadeh (@amirvalhalla)
14 Client Agent Standard Javad Rajabzadeh <ja7ad@live.com>
15 In-Memory Cache for Stored Items Mostafa Sedaghat Joo (@b00f)
19 Availability Score for Validators Mostafa Sedaghat Joo (@b00f)
20 Basic Authentication for gRPC APIs Javad Rajabzadeh (@Ja7ad)


10 Fast agreement consensus protocol Mostafa Sedaghat Joo (@b00f)


6 In-Memory Storage of Public Keys, Validators, and Accounts using LRU Cache Javad Rajabzadeh <ja7ad@live.com>
11 Deterministic key hierarchy for BLS12-381 curve Mostafa Sedaghat Joo (@b00f)
12 Automated Version Updates and Announcements in GUI and Daemon Client Javad Rajabzadeh <ja7ad@live.com>
16 Adding events in Pactus transactions Kayhan Alizadeh <kehiiiiya@gmail.com>
17 PNS Pactus Name System Kayhan Alizadeh <kehiiiiya@gmail.com>
18 Time Check Proposal Mr. HoDL (@Mr-HoDL58)
21 unbond token can rebond at any time. hui (@laosiji-io)
22 Agent Node Defination Nagaraj (@ragnarok87)


5 Adding Different HRP For Validator, Account And Contract Address Kayhan Alizadeh <kehiiiiya@gmail.com>