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PIP-22: Agent Node Defination

Authors Nagaraj (@ragnarok87)
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Created 29-01-2024
Requires PIP-14


The purpose of this proposal is to redefine the node field as “application type” instead of “application name” in the agent string.


Based on PIP14, the node field is defined as “The application name of the agent”. There are two problems with this definition:

  • Depending on the operating system, the node field can change, e.g., pactus-gui & pactus-gui.exe.
  • Some users rename the application, for example, to pdeamon.


This proposal suggests defining the node field as the application type of the agent, as defined below:

  1. daemon: If the client agent is a CLI or Daemon application.
  2. gui: If the client agent is a GUI application.

Security Considerations

The implementation of this time check feature should not compromise security.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.