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PIP-14: Client Agent Standard

Authors Javad Rajabzadeh []
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Created 2023-11-28


This proposal suggests enhancing the structure of the client “Agent” by introducing a more detailed and standardized format.


The current implementation provides only the agent’s version, while the proposed update aims to include additional information such as the application name, operating system, and architecture. This structured approach will offer a more comprehensive view of the agent details.


The client agent will contain key=value fields separated by slashes (“/”), and all key-values are in lowercase. The proposed keys are:

  • node: The application name of the agent.
  • node-version: The version of the agent, following the semantic version 2 standard.
  • protocol-version: This is the same as the latest block version supported by the agent.
  • os: The operating system on which the agent is running.
  • arch: The architecture of the system where the agent is deployed.





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