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26 Minimum Availability Score Core B00f (@b00f)
19 Availability Score for Validators Core B00f (@b00f)
15 In-Memory Cache for Stored Items Core B00f (@b00f)
9 Removing Stamp Core Amir Babazadeh (@amirvalhalla)
8 Defining address type based on the address usage Core Kayhan Alizadeh []
B00f (@b00f )
4 Indexing Public Keys Core Kayhan Alizadeh []
3 Removing sequence field from transactions Core B00f (@b00f)
2 Lock Time Transactions Core B00f (@b00f)


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10 Fast agreement consensus protocol Core B00f (@b00f)


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25 Dynamic fees structure Core Javad Rajabzadeh (@b00f)
24 Change Proposer on Double Proposing Core B00f (@b00f)


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5 Adding Different HRP For Validator, Account And Contract Address Core Kayhan Alizadeh []


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21 unbond token can rebond at any time. Core Hui (@laosiji-io)