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PIP-5: Adding Different HRP For Validator, Account And Contract Address

Authors Kayhan Alizadeh []
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Created 2023-08-27

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This proposal suggests adding a specific prefix to different address types in Pactus, such as validator and account, to make their roles more understandable.


Currently, Pactus addresses are identified by a pc prefix, regardless of their type. This makes it hard for both humans and machines to identify the role of each address, whether it belongs to an account or validator. By adding appropriate prefixes, we can quickly and easily identify the purpose of each address.


To achieve this, we can define 3 prefix options for the current address types: pv for validators, pc for contracts, and pa for accounts. All addresses must have the correct prefix to be considered valid in Pactus. Additionally, we should consider the version number after the prefix to be related to the specific address type.

  • Account: pa1puc5zza3hnp2tcf6r5n8zz0mwcjhqlxtejnjkzv
  • Validator: pv1p8wqgmagsrzn0nr26weg6wekqtu2mc6uw72k04a
  • Contract: pc1pdw5fda6r757q780xvtsxhfls24vekrfqmddqrs

Furthermore, any possible future address types must follow the same rule and have their own prefix.


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