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PIP-7: Checking Timestamp Difference in Handshaking

Check the timestamp difference between two peers during the Handshaking phase

Authors Kayhan Alizadeh []
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Created 2023-09-12


Currently, Pactus nodes do not consider time differences when connecting to each other. This occasionally leads to issues in the network and synchronization process 1. To address this, we propose checking the timestamp difference during the handshaking phase.


Checking the timestamp difference during handshaking can ensure that most nodes in the network have a consistent time configuration.


We propose adding a new field to the hello message called my_time. Each node, upon receiving a hello message, can examine the my_time value within the message and calculate the difference between the message’s my_time and its own timestamp.

Non-faulty nodes must reject hello messages with a timestamp difference more or less than 10 seconds.

The outcome of this approach is that when a node has an incorrect timestamp configuration, other nodes will reject hello messages from it. This compels the node owner to rectify the timestamp issue, ensuring that all nodes in the network maintain consistent time settings.

Security Considerations

Introducing a timestamp check during handshaking with improve the security and integrity of the Pactus network. It is critical to prevent nodes with incorrect timestamp configurations from joining the network because they can potentially cause synchronization and consensus issues.



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