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PIP-16: Adding events in Pactus transactions

Authors Kayhan Alizadeh []
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Created 2023-12-17


This document proposes adding an event section in contract call transactions, that can be emitted by contracts. to be consumed by other services or other on-chain codes.


The motivation behind this proposal is to enhance the functionality of the Pactus blockchain by allowing contracts to emit events within transactions. This feature provides the ability to notify external systems or other on-chain contracts about state changes or activities occurring within the blockchain.


The Specification section below describes the syntax and semantics of the proposed feature.


The event section MUST be added as a new field in contract call transactions payload. The syntax for this section is as follows:

type Event struct {
  Name   string
  Data   map[string][32]byte

type Payload interface {
  // other methods.
  Events() []Event

The Events filed which is a list of Events will be added to transaction payload. each event MUST contain a name with fixed length as memo and a map of string (which is also fixed length as memo) pointing to a 32 byte data.


The event section in transactions allows contracts to emit events with associated data. Events are identified by their name, and the data field holds the event-specific information. emitting event MUST affect and increase the gas of contract call.

The event section is OPTIONAL, and if no events are emitted by the contract during a transaction, the field can be omitted.

Interface Examples

Here are sample code snippets showcasing how one can interact with the event section using Pactus interfaces:

mod MyContract {
    struct TransferEvent {
      from: String,
        to: String,
        amount: u8,

kelk_event trait MUST contain an emit function.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.